Admission and practical information

For our EMBA with spesialisation in Management Control

  • Admission requirements

    Admission requirements

    Participants must meet one of the following educational background criteria:

    • a bachelor's degree, or
    • a cand.mag. degree, or
    • another degree or vocational education with a scope of at least three years, or
    • an education that, pursuant to Section 3-5 of the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges, is recognised as equivalent to the above-mentioned degrees or educations.

    In special cases, other documented qualifications may be deemed to be fully or partly equivalent to the above-mentioned courses of study.

    You must also have at least three years of relevant work experience.

  • Application


    Upload the original documents that you received from the educational institution. All documentation must be in either a Scandinavian language or English, officially issued by your previous institutions or in a certified translation. For more information, please see Admission EMBA with specialisation in Management Control

  • Tuition Fee and Costs

    Tuition Fee and Costs

    The tuition fee includes teaching, literature, lunch and refreshments in the breaks.


    • Accommodation and evening meals in Bergen/Oslo amount to NOK 2,400 to 3,000 per session (optional).
    • Travel and housing are stipulated to approx. NOK 15,000 for Europe and NOK 35,000 for Asia.

    The university fee to Sammen (student union) will cost NOK 600 per semester (§ 15 in the regulation on student unions in Norwegian).

    NHH does not offer scholarships.

  • Mandatory Attendance

    Mandatory Attendance

    To ensure continuity in the learning process, attendance at study sessions and study trips is compulsory. This ensures that all participants gain the same insight into important topics. Students who miss a session can make up for their absence by writing a paper on the topic that was covered at the session in question.

    Experience sharing and networking are also an important part of the programme. Candidates are therefore expected to participate actively in the teaching activities and share their experience.

    A diverse group of participants with different backgrounds and complementary skills and experiences opens to different perspectives and provides opportunities to learn across industries and disciplines.

  • Syllabus


    Norwegian School of Economics NHH will order literature packages that are normally sent out in advance of the specialisation/semester. In addition, there is required reading that will be made available electronically.

  • Payment terms

    Payment terms

    Tuition and exam fees are billed in advance of each semester. The first invoice is sent after the first session.

    The invoice will be sent directly to you as a student, at your registered email address. If the employer is to pay for the study, you must clarify with your employer how this is to be done.

    If you need an individualized payment plan, please contact