Ulf H. Olsson

Adjunct Professor Ulf H. Olsson

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Strategy and Management
Marketing and Brand Management

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Jøreskog, Karl Gustaf, Olsson, Ulf H., Wallentin, Fan Yang Multivariate Analysis with LISREL Springer, 2016
Foldnes, Njål, Olsson, Ulf H. A simple simulation technique for non-normal data with pre-specified skewness, kurtosis and covariance matrix Multivariate Behavioral Research Volume 51 (2-3), page 207 - 219, 2016
Foldnes, Njål, Olsson, Ulf Correcting too much or too little? The performance of three chi-square corrections Multivariate Behavioral Research Volume 50 (5), page 533 - 543, 2015
Foldnes, Njål, Olsson, Ulf H., Foss, Tron The effect of kurtosis on the power of two test statistics in covariance structure analysis British Journal of Mathematical & Statistical Psychology Volume 65 (1), page 1 - 18, 2012
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