Ulf H. Olsson

Adjunct Professor Ulf H. Olsson

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Strategy and Management
Marketing and Brand Management

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Jøreskog, Karl Gustaf; Olsson, Ulf H.; Wallentin, Fan Yang Multivariate Analysis with LISREL Springer; 2016
Foldnes, Njål; Olsson, Ulf H. A simple simulation technique for non-normal data with pre-specified skewness, kurtosis and covariance matrix Multivariate Behavioral Research Volume 51 (2-3); page 207 - 219; 2016
Foldnes, Njål; Olsson, Ulf Correcting too much or too little? The performance of three chi-square corrections Multivariate Behavioral Research Volume 50 (5); page 533 - 543; 2015
Foldnes, Njål; Olsson, Ulf H.; Foss, Tron The effect of kurtosis on the power of two test statistics in covariance structure analysis British Journal of Mathematical & Statistical Psychology Volume 65 (1); page 1 - 18; 2012
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