Tommy Stamland

Associate Professor Tommy Stamland

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CBE Centre for Ethics and Economics
Corporate Finance Asset Pricing Game Theory Environment and Natural Resources

Tommy Stamland joined NHH in 2002, following periods of employment at the University of New South Wales, Sydney and the University of Wyoming.  He holds a PhD from University of California at Berkeley from 1994 and a Masters (‘Siviløkonom’) from NHH (1987).  

Stamland has broad research interests in finance and economics, and has published both within economics and corporate finance (signaling). Current research projects include the informativeness of disclosures, asset pricing under asymmetric information, and an empirical investigation of the informativeness of corporate signaling. 

Curriculum Vitae

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Shogren, Jason F.; Stamland, Tommy Valuing Lives Saved from Safer Food - A Cautionary Tale Revisited American Journal of Agricultural Economics Volume 89 (5); page 1176 - 1182; 2007
Shogren, Jason F.; Stamland, Tommy Consistent estimation of the value of statistical life Resource and Energy Economics Volume 28 (3); page 262 - 281; 2006
Shogren, Jason F.; Stamland, Tommy Self-protection and value of statistical life estimation Land Economics Volume 81 (1); page 100 - 113; 2005
Shogren, Jason F.; Stamland, Tommy Skill and the Value of Life Journal of Political Economy Volume 110 (5); page 1168 - 1173; 2002
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Tommy Stamland teaches Asset Pricing and Advanced Corporate Finance in the research masters profile, and Asset Pricing Theory I at the PhD level.