Peter G. Klein

Professor II Peter G. Klein

Strategy and Management

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Murtinu, Samuele; Foss, Nicolai Juul; Klein, Peter G. The Entrepreneurial State: An Ownership Comptence Perspective Questioning the Entrepreneurial State: Status-quo, Pitfalls, and the Need for Credible Innovation Policy; page 57 - 76; 2022
Klein, Peter G.; Maldonado-Bautista, Ileana Entrepreneurship, sustainability, and stakeholder theory Handbook on the Business of Sustainability : The Organization, Implementation, and Practice of Sustainable Growth; page 83 - 98; 2022
Klein, Peter G.; Knudsen, Eirik Sjåholm; Lien, Lasse B. How Much Does Strategy Matter, Really? M@n@gement Volume 24 (3); page 72 - 76; 2021
Maldonado-Bautista, Ileana; Klein, Peter G.; Artz, Kendall W. The Role of Political Values and Ideologies of Entrepreneurs and Financiers Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice; page 1 - 34; 2021
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