Marlis Marie Schneider

PhD Candidate Marlis M. Schneider

+47 55 95 95 29
Behavioural economics Applied Microeconomics Experimental Economics

Marlis is a PhD candidate at the department of economics and joined NHH in August 2020.

She obtained both her bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics from the University of Mannheim. Before joining the PhD program at NHH, Marlis worked for one year as a pre-doctoral fellow for professor Teodora Boneva at the economics department of the University of Oxford.

Marlis’ main areas of interest are applied microeconomics, behavioural and experimental economics. Her research interests span children development, education, and intergenerational inequality. Furthermore, she is specifically interested in beliefs, social norms and mental models (in these areas and more general) and how these affect behaviour and outcomes.

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