The effect of exposure to ethnic minorities on attitudes towards them: Evidence from the Netherlands


  • FAIR will host the seminar on Zoom
  • This seminar will be recorded
  • To join, fill out the registration form at the bottom before Thursday 4 June, 9AM (GMT +02:00)
  • You will receive an e-mail with link and password before 11 AM Thursday 4 June
  • To start, we will mute everyone except for our speaker
  • Questions can be asked during the seminar with the “Raise your hand” feature, in the “participants” tab. You will find it under the list of participants. 
  • Make sure your video is turned on when you have a question

Registration form

Seminar schedule

  • The seminar starts at 12:15 and lasts about one hour
  • Bertil Tungodden will give a short introduction
  • If there is time, there will be a discussion at the end
  • There will be a closing summary by Bertil Tungodden