PHD COURSE WITH Ran Abramitzky


NHH students can sign up as usual through Studentweb.

Application deadline: 21 July 2019

Accomodation and travel must be covered by the participant. The course, lunch, a course dinner and social outing is covered by FAIR.

Full programme (pdf)


The course covers topics in Economic History from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Topics include the diffusion of knowledge, the formation, function, and persistence of institutions and organizations, the role of institutions and organizations as solutions to contractual problems, the causes and consequences of income inequality, the economics of migration, and the changing economic role of the family. The course will highlight the use of economic theory in guiding hypothesis testing, as well as the construction of new datasets and the execution of empirical analysis. A main goal of the course is to involve students in research, from identifying and posing interesting research questions in economic history and in other applied economic fields, to presenting these ideas.

Reading suggestions 

Course code: ECS563