Joint DIGSSCORE / FAIR seminar



Lunch in the seminar room


Welcome by Elisabeth Ivarsflaten & Bertil Tungodden


Sveinung Arnesen – (Digsscore, UiB)

"The Wiggle Room of Legitimacy in Democratic Decisions: A Referendum Case."


Mathias Ekström – (FAIR - The Choice Lab, NHH)

"Brains or Beauty? Casual Evidence on the Returns to Education and Attractiveness in the Online Dating Market"


Nina Serdarevic – (Digsscore, UiB)

“It Pays to be Nice: The benefits of Cooperating in Markets”


Alexander Cappelen – (FAIR - The Choice Lab, NHH)

“To be announced”

Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality (FAIR) is a unique platform for collaboration between the Centre for Empirical Labour Economics and The Choice Lab.

FAIR collaborates with internationally leading researchers from different social sciences and philosophy, including Nobel Laureate James Heckman, John Bates Clark medal winner Matthew Rabin, and ERC Advanced Grant recipients Armin Falk, Ernst Fehr, and Kenneth Hugdahl. A number of the outstanding scholars have positions at FAIR and are strongly committed to take an active part in the research activities at FAIR. FAIR has a number of outstanding institutional partners on the different projects.

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