Mitt liv som økonom



Introduction to the seminar

Rector Øystein Thøgersen
Head of Department of Economics Eirik G. Kristiansen


Public Economics and economists: Impact on policies

Svein Gjedrem, professor II, Department of Economics, NHH. Former Central Bank Governor.


Everyone's Favourite Economist

Kalle Moene, professor, Department of Economics, UIO


End of programme

Mitt liv som økonom

In the 1950s, economics was a small academic subject in Norway. Today, it provides strong guidelines both for politics and for  the way we view ourselves as a community. NHH professor Agnar Sandmo was one of the most important economists to this development. In order to mark his long contribution to the field, the Department of Economics organises this Book Launch of Agnar Sandmo.
In his book, Sandmo looks back at the history of Economics and the academic community through a period that was not only characterized by economic growth, but also by the rise of economics as an academic discipline.

Department of Economics