AACSB Nordic Chapter meeting

Preliminary programme

Thursday 13 June

08:30     Registration. Coffee available

09:00    Welcome to the AACSB Nordic Chapter meeting, and to NHH
by vice rector Stig Tenold

09:15    Presentation and updates from delegates (3 min /each school)

10:45    Coffee break

11:15    Societal impact in a Nordic perspective by Professor Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen, NHH.

11:45    Group work

12:30    Lunch

13:30     Discussion in plenum

14:15    Managing data and multiple accreditations by Björn Kjellander, Director of Quality and Accreditation, Jönköping International Business School

14:45     Group work and coffee

15:15    Discussion in plenum

16:30    Finished for the day

18:30     Guided tour

19:30     Dinner at (to be confirmed)

Friday 14 June

08:30     Coffee available

09:00    How to involve faculty in accreditations by Tore Hillestad, Director for NHH Executive.

09:30     Group work

10:15     Discussion in plenum

11:00    Coffee break

11:30    The AACSB Nordic chapter looking forward: What do we want to achieve and how can we best do this? James Hosea, NHH

12:30     Lunch in NHH’s reception room, Stupet

13:30    Safe home!