Academic appointment committee

Academic appointment committee

The academic appointment committee appoints individuals to academic positions.

The academic appointment committee is composed of the following members:

  • Pro-rector, who is also the committee’s chairperson
  • Six unit managers, one from each department
  • Two student representatives, appointed by NHHS
  • One representative for temporary employees in academic positions

The members of the academic appointment committee are:

  • Gunnar E Christensen, chairperson
  • Jøril Mæland, permanent faculty
  • Frode Sættem, permanent faculty
  • Trond Bjørnenak, permanent faculty
  • Frode Steen, permanent faculty
  • Paul Gooderham, permanent faculty
  • Anne Kari Bjørge, permanent faculty
  • Lars Ivar Berge, representative for temporary employees
  • Sigrid Lise Nonås, Norwegian Association of Researchers (Forskerforbundet)
  • Inger Nordli, student
  • Victoria Poon Sundvor, student  

The committee secretary is Sylvi K. Larsen.