Are Oust

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Olaussen, Jon Olaf; Oust, Are; Solstad, Jan Tore; Kristiansen, Lena Energy Performance Certificates- The role of the energy price Energies Volum 12 (18) (14 sider); 2019
Kotulla, Theresa; Denstadli, Jon Martin; Oust, Are; Beusker, Elisabeth What Does It Take to Make the Compact City Liveable for Wider Groups? Identifying Key Neighbourhood and Dwelling Features Sustainability Volum 11 (12); side 1 - 18; 2019
Oust, Are; Hansen, Simen N.; Pettrem, Tobias R. Combining Property Price Predictions from Repeat Sales and Spatially Enhanced Hedonic Regressions Journal of real estate finance and economics; side 1 - 25; 2019
Kjærland, Frode; Meland, Maria; Oust, Are; Øyen, Vilde How can Bitcoin Price Fluctuations be Explained? International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues Volum 8 (3); side 323 - 332; 2018
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