Are Oust

Selected publications

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Brannan, Håkon Bergseng; Pjaaka, Christian; Oust, Are; Sønstebø, Ole Jakob Earnings management in European real estate firms during crisis periods Property Management (17 pages); 2023
Haugdal, Ane Tolnes; Kjærland, Frode; Gårseth-Nesbakk, Levi; Oust, Are Earnings management in local governments under a soft control regime Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management; 2023
Oust, Are; Westgaard, Sjur; Waage, Jens Erik; Yemane, Nahom Kidane Assessing the Explanatory Power of Dwelling Condition in Automated Valuation Models Journal of Real Estate Research; 2023
Kjærland, Frode; Forbord, Kristian Engen; Oust, Are; Stephani, Håkon Management’s Discretionary Assessments of Goodwill Impairments—Evidence from STOXX Europe 600 International Journal of Financial Studies (IJFS) Volume 11 (2); page 1 - 26; 2023
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