Retirement Security: The Role of Public and Private Insurance Markets

Press release for Karl Borch Lecture 2017.

James Poterba is a Professor of Economics at MIT and the President of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

His research focuses on how taxation affects the economic decisions of households and firms, particularly those involving saving and portfolio behavior. His recent research has analyzed the determinants of retirement saving, the draw-down of assets after households reach retirement, and the role of tax-deferred retirement saving programs such as 401(k) plans in contributing to retirement security.

The Karl Borch Lecture Series was established in 2002 by the Department of Finance and Management Science, in honour of Karl Borch.

Borch was a professor at NHH between 1963 and 1986, and is considered one of the founders of economics of uncertainty.

The annual lecture is on a current research topic and given by distinguished scholars, whose research capture the pioneering spirit of Borch, but not necessarily his fields of research in a narrow sense.

The Karl Borch Lecture is sponsored by the Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration (SNF).