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Øystein Thøgersen,
Rector and professor, NHH


What they don’t teach you in a classroom

Petter Stordalen,
Founder, Nordic Choice Hotels


Badass Determination: creating the world’s best guest journey

Lisa Farrar,
Chief Digital Officer, Nordic Choice Hotels


The sustainability future is here

Harald Bjugstad-Holm
Chief Sustainability Officer, Nordic Choice Hotels


Alexander W. Cappelen
Professor, FAIR, NHH


Don’t forget your employees in your digital transformation

Karen S. Osmundsen
PHD candidate, NHH


Panel discussion

Moderator: Alexander Ragnvaldsen, student at NHH. 

Host: Victoria Somdalen, student at NHH. 

About NHH Forum

NHH Forum is an annual academic seminar that is arranged by the faculty and students at NHH, in collaboration with one or several large corporations. NHH Forum was established in 2008.

This year's partner is Nordic Choice Hotels.

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