Previous guest lectures

Previous guest lectures

2017: Peter A. Diamond, MIT
Title: "Good pension design"

2016: Rachel Griffith, University of Manchester
Title: "Corporate tax, multinationals and intangible assets (or Does Starbucks pay a “fair” amount of tax?)"    

2015:  James Joseph Heckman, University of Chicago
Title: "The market and nonmarket benefits of education".

2014: Ernst Fehr, University of Zurich
Title: "Institutions and Trust - Does Trust cause lasting Improvements in Economic Outcomes?"

2013: Geir B. Asheim, University of Oslo
Title: "Normative analysis of climate change"

2012: Tony Atkinson, University of Oxford and LSE
Title: "Public economics in an age of austerity"

2011: Richard Blundell, University College London
Title: "Empirical Evidence and Tax Reform"

2010: Torsten Persson, The Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University
Title: "State Capacity, Conflict and Development"

2009: Hans-Werner Sinn, Ludwig-Maximilians-University
Title: "The Financial Crisis"

2008: Avianash Dixit,  Princeton University
Title: "Political explanations of inefficient economic policies".