Finn E Kydland, Nobel Laureate

Finn E Kydland, Nobel Laureate

In 2004, Adjunct Professor and NHH alumni Finn E Kydland became the third Norwegian Nobel Laureate in economics.

Finn Kydland qualified with the Siviløkonom degree from NHH in 1968 and continued at the school as a research scholar.

He subsequently graduated with a PhD from Carnegie Mellon in 1973 and returned to NHH to continue his research and teach.

Together with his PhD Advisor, Professor Edward Prescott,

Kydland produced the first of two papers that would lead to both men winning the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2004.

In 1978 Kydland moved to Carnegie Mellon, but he has retained his connections with NHH by taking up a position as Adjunct Professor at the school.