NoCeT Brown Bag Seminars

NoCeT Brown Bag Seminars

NoCeT brownbag seminars - 2018
Thursday 15.03, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 6th floor

Mohammed Mardan, ETH Zürich

Corporate taxation, tax administration and development

Tuesday 24.04, 11.30-12.30, Meeting room 6th floor

Kaisa Kotakorpi, VATT Institute for Economic Research

Rental income tax compliance: Evidence from a field experiment

NoCeT brownbag seminars - 2017
Monday 13.03, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 6th floor*

Evelina Gavrilova, NHH

Why is the Market Happy with Trump?

Wednesday 10.05, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 6th floor*

Regina Ortmann, University of Paderborn

Management Incentives for Optimal Investment Decisions under Formula Apportionment

Tuesday 17.10, 11.30-13.00, Meeting room 9th floor*

Maximilian Todtenhaupt, ZEW Mannheim

Spillover from the Haven: Cross-border Externalities of Patent Box Regimes within Multinational Firms

NoCeT brownbag seminars - 2016
Tuesday 12.04, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 6th floor*

Hendrik Jungmann, University of Salzburg

On the measurement of investment types: Heterogeneity in corporate tax elasticities
Monday 10.12, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 6th floor*

Andrea Schneider, University of Oslo

Policy diffusion and the missing response of mobile resources

NoCeT brownbag seminars - 2015
Monday 19.01, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room*

Elias Braunfels, NHH

Taxes, Spending, and Economic Growth: A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach

Wednesday 25.02, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room*

Tobias Boehm, University of Muenster

Large and Influential: Firm Size and Government's Corporate Tax Rate Choice

Tuesday 25.08, 11.30-12.30, Meeting room 9th floor*

Kimberley Scharf, University of Warwick

Are Donors Afraid of Charities’ Core Costs? Scale Economies in Non-profit Provision and Charity Selection

Tuesday 29.09, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room*

Bjørn Sandvik, University of Bergen

A wealth tax increases the value of non-public firm

NoCeT brownbag seminars - 2014
Monday 13.01, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room*

Floris Zoutman, NHH

The Effect of Capital Taxes on Household's Portfolio Composition and Intertemporal Choice: Evidence from the Dutch 2001 Capital Income Tax Reform

Tuesday 04.03, 12.30-14.00, 6th floor staff room

Guttorm Schjelderup, NHH

Information about NoCeT and Its Activities

Tuesday 25.03, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room*

Eva Gavrilova, University of Turin

A Partner in Crime: Assortative Matching and Bias in the Crime Market

Friday 11.04, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room E209/E210 (Nybygget)

Rick van der Ploeg (University of Oxford)

Climate Policy and Catastrophic  Change: Be Prepared and Avert Risk

Thursday 22.05, 12.15-13.15, Meeting room 9th floor***

Jochen Hundsdoerfer, FU Berlin

Tax Morale, Tax Minimization, and Labor Supply: The Effects of Moral Appeals, Legality, and Self-Serving Bias

Monday 18.08, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room*

Axel Haus, Goethe University Frankfurt

Patent Litigation and Start-ups

Monday 13.10, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room*

Robert Ullmann, University of Münster

VAT evasion by means of tax base shifting

Monday 10.11, 11.30-12.15, 6th floor staff room*

Andrea Schneider, University of Münster

Non-preferential corporate taxation and the welfare effects of powerful labor unions

NoCeT brownbag seminars - 2013
Wednesday 06.02, 11.00-12.15, Meeting room 9th floor

David Seim, IIES, Stockholm University

Real or evasion responses to the wealth tax? Theory and evidence from Sweden

Wednesday 13.02, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 6th floor

Oddleif Torvik, NHH

Tax structuring of intangibles: the case of Eli Lilly

Wednesday 20.03, 11.30-12.15, Meeting room 9th floor

Dirk Schindler, NHH

Intra-group Financial Transactions and Profit Shifting

Wednesday 10.04, 11.45-12.30, Meeting room 9th floor

Tormod Torvanger, NHH

Legal aspects of tax domicile

Tuesday 21.05, 14.15-15.30, Karl Borch's Aud.

Steffen Juranek, Goethe University Frankfurt

Law and Economics of Litigation: New Insights from Patents

Tuesday 04.06, 12.15-13.30, Aud. 24

Floris T. Zoutman, Erasmus University

Implementing Allocations through the Tax System


* - Joint event with Department of Business and Management Science
** - Joint event with Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law
*** - Joint event with The Choice Lab