Oil and the Economy

Oil and the Economy

Research on natural resources, economic development and climate change.

Extraction of natural resources is the backbone of the Norwegian economy with consequences for value added creation, macroeconomic management and public finances.

Natural resource management and climate change research have furthermore become mainstream topics in economics research and teaching. It is important for NHH to be strong within these areas.

Fields of study

The researchers at the Centre for Macroeconomics and Natural reseources undertake research and provide teaching within the following fields:

  • Macroeconomics, including structural change, business cycles, long run growth and fiscal policy
  • Natural resource economics, including extraction, taxation and regulatory frameworks
  • Climate change economics, including mitigation efforts and international carbon leakage
  • Development economics, including aspects related to foreign direct investment and trade

Research projects related to oil

The group has an extensive research agenda on macroeconomic consequences of oil activities as well as on the investment behaviour of the global oil industry.

The group is active in the debate on the use of oil revenues in the Norwegian economy as well as on issues related to extraction.

Research projects related to climate

The group has several research projects related to climate change, including research on tropical deforestation and climate policies in an international setting.