Welcoming Kristina Heinonen

By Maria Borghans Karlsen

7 May 2024 10:38

Welcoming Kristina Heinonen

We are thrilled to welcome Kristina Heinonen, who has recently started as adjunct professor at the DIG research center.

As a prominent academic figure at the Department of Marketing at Hanken School of Economics and current co-chair of the American Marketing Association’s Service Special Interest Group, Kristina Heinonen  brings a depth of knowledge to DIG.


Heinonen holds the position of Professor of Service and Relationship Marketing at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, where she has been a key figure for two decades.

Her extensive academic journey includes notable roles such as Head of Subject and Director of the Center for Relationship Marketing and Service Management as well as member of the board of Hanken School of Economics.

Renowned for her research contributions, Kristina's expertise spans various facets of service research, including innovation, customer experience, and value creation.

Her accolades include awards such as the Evert Gummesson Outstanding Research Award and outstanding article awards from esteemed academic journals.

The potential of the Innovation Index

As the project leader of the Finnish Innovation Index, Kristina leads efforts to measure and recognize innovation capabilities within Finnish companies, driving impactful change in the business landscape.

The project primarily delivers a consumer-centric ranking of the most innovative companies, sparking significant interest and discussion within the industry.

Moreover, Kristina emphasizes the importance of scientific inquiry in understanding innovation, particularly from a consumer perspective, and explores future strategies to keep companies ahead of the curve.

By combining industry insights with scientific exploration, she advocates for a culture of experimentation to unlock hidden opportunities and drive innovation forward.

Synergies through interdisciplinary collaboration

Beyond her academic pursuits, Kristina is passionate about collaboration and mentorship, relishing the opportunity to work with students and scholars across disciplines. As she integrates herself into the DIG community, Kristina envisions a future marked by collaboration, innovation, and impactful research.

Kristina believes that the key to unlocking new insights and driving meaningful change, lies in interdisciplinary collaboration. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, Kristina aims to foster synergies that pave the way for innovative solutions.

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