Thought Leader Conference and IIC Summit

rofessor Tor W Andreassen presenting during a session in Madrid.
Professor Tor W Andreassen presenting during a session in Madrid.
By Tor W Andreassen

29 May 2024 12:35

Thought Leader Conference and IIC Summit

Digital innovation in an aging society was at the forefront when researchers gathered at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid for the Thought Leader Conference followed by the 4th Innovation Index Coalition (IIC) Summit in mid-May.

Thought Leader Conference

Participants gathered outside Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
Participants gathered outside Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

The Thought Leader Conference, titled "Innovation for a Digital and Aging Society," was held from May 12 to May 14, 2024, at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

This prestigious event, organized against the backdrop of a special issue in the Journal of Service Management (JOSM) on Innovation and Aging in a Digital Society, attracted high-profile participants renowned for their publishing achievements and deep interest in the topic.

The conference was excellently hosted by Lola Duque and Luis Santa Maria from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, ensuring seamless execution and a welcoming atmosphere. Participants engaged in vibrant conversations and conceptualized innovative ideas throughout various sessions.

The conference began with an informal reception on the evening of May 12, fostering a collegial tone that carried through the event.

The following day featured a welcome address by Carolina Marunga, Vice-Rector for Internationalization at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and inspirational lectures titled "Coming of Age" by Professors John Bateson and Jochen Wirtz from the National University of Singapore, focusing on healthy aging and quality of life.

Engaging group discussions covered topics like the economic impact of aging, quality of life, healthcare, and the role of service robots and AI in an aging society. Breakout groups facilitated deeper discussions and collaborative work, providing a platform for interactive engagement. The day concluded with presentations and a dinner at Picalagartos. 

On May 14, the conference continued with inspirational lectures by Professor Cristina Mele from Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, discussing value co-creation for an aging society, and Professor Werner Kunz from the University of Massachusetts, who spoke on living with service robots. Continued group work and feedback sessions highlighted the collaborative effort in refining and conceptualizing ideas.

The conference concluded with a feedback session focusing on the basic idea and approach of four excellent paper ideas.

The audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive, indicating a strong appreciation for the engaging content and the opportunity for meaningful dialogue. 

Innovation Index Coalition (IIC) Summit

The 4th IIC Summit, held on May 15, 2024, at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, demonstrated a strong dedication to advancing national innovation indexes and the work of the Innovation Index Coalition (IIC).

This summit provided an excellent platform for sharing experiences and gathering input to enhance future conferences and the dissemination of findings.

The summit commenced with welcoming remarks by Mercedes Esteban-Bravo, Head of the Business Department, who introduced the university and emphasized the importance of the IIC's work.

Professor Tor W. Andreassen outlined the vision for the IIC initiative and the various national innovation indexes. Participants, including international experts from several countries, shared their insights and best practices.

Discussions reflected on each partner's experiences, innovating index conferences, better utilization of research data, and exploring grand challenges that align with the index and research partnership. The sessions continued with updates and coordination on the innovation book and developing a sustainable business model for the index.

Focused discussions on relevant research topics and strategies for future development were integral to the agenda.

The event was marked by excellent sharing of experiences and practical recommendations for advancing national innovation indexes. Feedback from participants highlighted the valuable insights gained and the collaborative spirit of the summit.

The IIC Summit underscored the collective effort required to drive innovation and improve national indexes, providing a solid foundation for future initiatives. 

Both the Thought Leader Conference and the IIC Summit showcased the importance of collaborative efforts in fostering innovation and provided valuable takeaways for all participants, setting a high standard for future events.

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