Andreassen appointed ISSIP Ambassador

3 February 2022 11:10

Andreassen appointed ISSIP Ambassador

Tor W. Andreassen has been appointed to ISSIP Ambassador to NHH Norwegian School of Economics’ research center Digital Innovation for Sustainable Growth.

Professor Tor W Andreassen. Archive Photo: Odd Mehus
Professor Tor W Andreassen. Archive Photo: Odd Mehus

ISSIP, The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals is a professional association promoting service innovations that improve interactions and change in business and society.

ISSIP Ambassadors help connect ISSIP to other service innovation related professional associations, research centers, conferences, journals, etc.

The Ambassadors can propose ISSIP sponsored workshops, panels, Student Best Paper awards in the top service-related sessions or conferences of the professional association that they represent.

They also ensure that ISSIP members are aware of and have an opportunity to contribute to the other professional associations’ conferences, publications, and other service-related activities.

ISSIP Ambassadors help members develop as T-shaped service innovation professionals, with both depth in their home professional association and breadth across sister professional associations.

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