DIG research makes an impact

24 August 2021 12:34

DIG research makes an impact

Service dominates the latest of Shugan’s Top 20 Marketing Meta Journal ranking. DIG researcher and co-authors ranked 11th.

Shugan’s Top 20 Marketing Meta Journal ranks every month the most cited marketing articles over the last four years. It is interesting to see that (beside methodology) many of the top articles deal with service topics.

We are proud to announce a DIG co-authored article ranked as 11th on the list: «Service Encounter 2.0: An investigation into the roles of technology, employees and customers», by Bait Lariviere, David Bowen, Tor W. Andreassen, Werner Kunz, Nancy J. Sirianni, Chris Voss, Nancy V. Wuenderlich, and Arne De Keyser.

The article appeared in the Journal of Business Research 10/1/2017. We congratulate the authors and are proud that DIG research is noticed and is making a difference.

Shugan’s Top 20 Marketin Meta Journal

Each meta-journal issue contains the top 20 most cited marketing articles as defined by web-of-science (e.g., reviews are not articles) in a four-year moving window.

Service Encounter 2.0 Abstract

The service encounter – one of the foundational concepts in service research – is fundamentally changing due to rapid evolutions in technology. In this paper, we offer an updated perspective on what we label the “Service Encounter 2.0”. To this end, we develop a conceptual framework that captures the essence of the Service Encounter 2.0 and provides a synthesis of the changing interdependent roles of technology, employees, and customers. We find that technology either augments or substitutes service employees, and can foster network connections. In turn, employees and customers are taking on the role of enabler, innovator, coordinator and differentiator. In addition, we identify critical areas for future research on this important topic.

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