RaCE the sun with Deloitte

RaCE the SUN. Illustration
Illustration from the RaCE the SUN-event.
By Marius Jones

12 November 2020 12:45

RaCE the sun with Deloitte

On 5 November, we held our latest RaCE the SUN event, in cooperation with the student committee at NHH and Deloitte.

RaCE the SUN is a meeting place between students, RaCE researchers, and practitioners.

Our guest for our latest event was Deloitte, conducting a remote workshop on digital leadership development.

Students from both NHH and elsewhere participated, together with Ph. D. research scholars from RaCE, attempting to solve the case that was presented by Deloitte.

RaCE -  Radical Technology-Driven Change in Established Firms - is a research project connected with DIG that aims to develop  knowledge on how established and well-performing firms successfully may respond to and manage radical technology-driven change.

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