Innovation 2019 Reflections and Visions

Innovation and visions 2019. Photo: Sigrid Grøm Bakken
How can academia and the business world cooperate to secure continuous innovation? The stakeholders discussed the matter at Innovation 2019 10 April. Photo: Sigrid G Bakken
By Tor W. Andreassen

11 April 2019 13:56

(updated: 30 April 2020 09:52)

Innovation 2019 Reflections and Visions

10 April The Research Council of Norway (RCN) hosted the final CSI conference marking the end of an eight year’s research project on service innovation research.

Established in 2011, CSI was the first research center within RCN’s program for Research-based Innovation (SFI) that was granted to a business school.

During the conference, various voices from research partners and business partners gave lecturettes on various topics – business model innovation, innovation in organizational culture, innovation in the market offering with an emphazise on service design, and finally innovation economics - pertaining to innovation in mature service organizations.

The conference closed by honoring IKEA as the most innovative company in Norway and Toyota as the firm ranked highest on social innovations.

On behalf of the CSI-consortium, professor and director Tor W Andreassen expressed a sincere thank you to RCN for focusing service innovation and to the CSI partners for stepping up to the challenge, thus making CSI an excellent research center leaving international footprints.

He closed by presenting what's next: A new SFI-application focusing Digital Innovations for Growth (DIG) with an estimated startup fall 2020.

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