Honorary doctors coming to NHH

1 September 2011 21:02

(updated: 1 March 2016 21:04)

Honorary doctors coming to NHH

NHH has appointed ten new honorary doctors in connection with the anniversary. Thursday 8 September will be a historic day, as all the doctors will be gathered for the first time for a symposium at NHH. All students and staff at NHH will have an opportunity to attend lectures by Nobel laureate Finn E Kydland and the other honorary doctors.

The new honorary doctors will also take part in a panel discussion during the event. The debate will be chaired by Victor Norman.

'The topic is research at business schools, and the quality and relevance of this research,' says Professor Victor Norman. He believes that the discussion will address very topical issues.

'More specifically, we will discuss how the research we are engaged in can contribute to helping business and industry and the authorities through financial crises. We basically take it for granted that we must maintain high quality in research, so the discussion will mostly revolve around how relevant the research is in terms of practical application,' emphasises Professor Norman.

The participants at the debate in the main hall on Thursday afternoon are big names in their fields. Nobel laureate Finn E Kydland is one of the top economists who will be taking part in the debate, together with other luminaries such as Professor Jean-Paul Larçon from HEC Paris. The latter will also start off the panel discussion with an introduction.

International reputations

After the panel debate, there will be a short lunch break before the parallel lectures begin. Here, the honorary doctors will give one lecture each on their respective research fields. And, according to Jan I Haaland, Rector of NHH, there is every reason to look forward to this.

'The honorary doctors have all made a name for themselves internationally through extensive scholarly contributions of very high quality,' says the rector.

In other words, the students and staff at NHH will have a chance to hear top researchers on the Thursday in Anniversary Week.

The title honorary doctor, or doctor honoris cause in Latin, is only awarded in connection with anniversaries. NHH has a total of 19 honorary doctors. The first three were appointed in 1986, while the next six were appointed in connection with the 60th anniversary in 1996.

Text: Espen Bolghaug