"He is a natural centre of gravity"

Thore Johnsen 70 years
"If NHH is going to redecorate, you should have a wall with Thore Johnsen citations", said the Director of the Svæveru'-choir at the reception in honour of professor Thore Johnsen. Thore Johnsen is here together with some of the Svæveru' members and encircled by his wife Solveig Hjorth Johnsen and Rector and neighbour Frøystein Gjesdal.
NHH By Kristin B. Risvand Mo

30 January 2017 10:50

(updated: 30 January 2017 14:21)

"He is a natural centre of gravity"

On 22 December Professor Thore Johnsen turned 70. Last Friday he was celebrated for his contributions to NHH for more that 40 years.

"Thore’s lifetime contributions to the school, to his field, to his students and to the public discourse on financial matters in Norway, are unequalled", Rector Frøystein Gjesdal said in his opening speech at Stupet on Friday 27 January 2017.

"His deep and broad knowledge of financial economics, his enthusiasm, practical insights, wit and personal charm make Thore the natural centre of gravity in most social and academic settings", the Rector continued.

More than 50 NHH-colleagues, partners and friends from academia, industry and public services participated in the celebratation of Thore Johnsen this sunny Friday afternoon.

A special gift

Professor Mette Bjørndal introduced a well-kept secret, a special gift to her close colleague.

"We decided to go for something homemade. At least partly homemade", she said to a surprised Thore when he received the anthology Finance in Society.

The anthology consists of 19 texts from more than 20 contributors, from both academia, public services and industry. It includes an extensive and relevant representation of topics in financanalysis, regulation and markets broadly defined, all in honour of professor Thore Johnsen. 

Svæveru' chose to sing Tonale differensiale to honour the new professor emeritus.
General Director Guri Angell-Hansen (right) donated Thore a honorary membership in the Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts. “Thore has been an invaluable contributor to the advancement and on the professionalism and quality of the finance industry in Norway”, she said.
Thore Johnsen together with some of the contributors to "Finance in Society": From left to right: Rector Frøystein Gjesdal, Publishing Director Birgit Skaldehaug from Cappelen Damm Akademisk, Associate Professor Aksel Mjøs, Professor Ole Gjølberg from NMBU/NHH, BI Professor Christian Riis, Professor Petter Bjerksund, Professor Mette H. Bjørndal, Partner Lars Inge Pettersen from KPMG, Thore Johnsen, Partner Erik Mamelund from EY, BI Professor John Chr. Langli, Associate Professor Finn Kinserdal, and Professor Knut K. Aase.
"The idea with the book was to make a collection of articles to illustrate the plethora of useful applications of financial economics in different fields of society, and where Thore has made important contributions", said Mette Bjørndal who initiated and edited the book together with Frøystein Gjesdal and Aksel Mjøs.
Director of NHH Executive, Birthe Kåfjord Lange, and Head of Department of Finance, Jøril Mæland. In her speech, Birthe emphasised Thore's popularity among NHH’s executive students.
"We are very proud to be the publisher of this book", said editor Birgit Skaldehaug (left) in the publishing agency Cappelen Damm Akademisk.
Both Frode Sættem and Jan Tore Klovland shared less known, but funny stories about Thore. "You are one of those who was endowed with a solid portion of charm in life. I think that has helped you many a time”, said Frode.
Among the guests were Professor Emeritus Agnar Sandmo and Professor Emeritus Einar Hope.

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