Yara joins CEMS – the Global Alliance in Management Education

Yara joins CEMS – the Global Alliance in Management Education. Photo: NHH

29 October 2020 14:23

Yara joins CEMS – the Global Alliance in Management Education

With Yara onboard as a CEMS Corporate Partner, alongside Equinor, NHH has now secured two very strong Norwegian multinational companies as partners in the CEMS alliance.

 Jan I. Haaland, Professor and CEMS Academic Director at NHH.
Jan I. Haaland, Professor and CEMS Academic Director at NHH.

Being a large multinational chemical company with focus on sustainability, Yara has the potential to provide many meaningful and rewarding career opportunities to CEMS graduates globally, according to Jan I. Haaland, Professor and CEMS Academic Director at NHH.

Challenging international careers

As a CEMS Corporate Partner, Yara has committed to contributing to student selection, curriculum delivery and governance, and offering challenging international careers for CEMS graduates.

Business embeddedness is one of the overarching learning objectives of CEMS Masters in International Management and NHH will benefit from being able to draw on Yara’s experience and expertise in various CEMS activities. Yara will benefit from having the opportunity to work closely with CEMS students and to participate in curriculum activities such as business projects and skill seminars, in addition to having access to a wide pool of talent globally.


Higher education can create an impact

CEMS Responsibility Week was kicked off at NHH this week with a panel discussion on how the Higher Education Sector impacts global efforts to meet the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.

Took a prestigious international master’s degree – now PR officer

A record number of students are taking an international master’s degree at NHH. Sunniva Adam took a CEMS master’s degree and landed a job as PR officer for Norway’s contribution to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

– Yara commits to helping to strengthen the CEMS programme at NHH, but the CEMS global membership extends also to activities at other CEMS schools around the world and involvement in global curricular and governance activities and events. With its broad global presence and focus on sustainability, Yara fits very well into the CEMS alliance of academic and corporate partners worldwide.

Yara & CEMS


  • Yara has around 16000 employees and operations in over 60 countries. Mission statement: «To responsibly feed the world and protect the planet».
  • Yara´s largest business area is the production of nitrogen fertilizer.
  • CEMS is an alliance of academic and corporate partners, and every academic member is expected to recruit, retain and manage the relationship with at least two CEMS Corporate Partners.
  • NHH joined the network in 1992. Only one school from each country is awarded partnership.
  • Students attending the Master of Science (MSc) programme at NHH are eligible to apply for admission into the CEMS MIM programme.

The CEMS Master's in International Management




Taking action

– Increasing the work relevance in our study programmes is one of NHH’s top priorities, and working closely together with the business community will strengthen our ability to equip our students with the skills and know-how they need to succeed in their future careers and to contribute to societal change, Astrid Foldal, Head of Section for International Relations says, and adds:

– Recruiting Yara as a corporate partner will demonstrate to our stakeholders that we are taking concrete action to formalize partnerships with companies and that we are committed to increasing business-embeddedness in our curriculum.


Value work-life balance

Opportunities for work life balance, quick career progression and the chance for early stage impact are crucial factors for young professionals seeking a new role in 2019, a global CEMS survey finds.