Great media coverage

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During the last few weeks Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman and Floriz Zoutman have received great media attention, after their study on medical marijuana was published in Economic Journal. Photo:
By Sigrid Folkestad

2 February 2018 14:13

Great media coverage

A paper by Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman and Floris Zoutman has received great attention from international media.

During the last two weeks Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman and Floriz Zoutman, both assistant professors at the Department of Business and Management Science, have received great attention in US and UK news media.

Their study «Is Legal Pot Crippling Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations? The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on US Crime» (coauthor Takuma Kamada) was recently published in Economic Journal.

The prestigous journal distributed a press release in January, and several important news channels covered the story:

Floris Zoutman and Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman, NHH.
Floris Zoutman and Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman, NHH.


The Times 

Legalising cannabis weeds out violence in US border states


Violent Crime Has Dropped In Border States With Legal Cannabis: Study


Marijuana legalisation causing violent crime to fall in US states, study finds


Legal marijuana cuts violence says US study, as medical-use laws see crime fall

BBC WORLD update:

BBC interview with Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman 


Medical Marijuana Laws Have Lowered Crime Rate In Many States, Study Finds


When Pot is Legal Peace Prevails: Violence Drops in States With Legal Marijuana


 Medical Marijuana Legalization in These States Has Helped Decrease Crime


Legalising marijuana leads to significant drop in violent crime - study


NHH study on cannabis legalization

This week Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman was invited to the Danish Folketinget to talk about cannabis legalization, based on her top publication on the subject.

Publication bonus to Gavrilova and Zoutman

An article by Evelina Gavrilova- Zoutman and Floris Zoutman has been accepted for publication in highly prestigious The Economic Journal.