NHH Brage

NHH Brage

Open institutional repository.

NHH Brage is the institutional repository at NHH Norwegian School of Economics. The repository holds master theses, doctoral theses, scientific articles and other Open Access publications created by the school's faculty and students. Main objective is that research results shall be openly available to all, to assist further research and teaching purposes.

Material archived in NHH Brage is searchable in Google Scholar, Oria and NORA (Norwegian Open Research Archive), and have a digital long-term storage with permanent links.

Master's theses

NHH Brage receives each year more than 200 master’s theses for publication, read by thousands of people from all over the world. The NHH library will not receive a print edition of your thesis, so a premise for it being read is uploading to NHH Brage.

As with all scientific work, you as the author have the copyright to your thesis. When submitting your thesis in WISEflow, you have to indicate whether the thesis can be published.

Older theses can also be submitted to NHH Brage. To do this, you must fill out the form below and send it in an email to the exam office and tell them that you want it to be published.

Agreement for publishing of master thesis (PDF 0.3mb)

Master theses full text


NHH encourages all PhD-candidates to send their PhD-thesis to NHH Brage after the PhD defense. By publishing the thesis in NHH Brage, you will obtain a permanent link to you published thesis, which can be used in CVs or publication lists. Your thesis will be available for the rest of the world through Google Scholar.

As the owner of the intellectual rights to your thesis, you will need to enter into an agreement before we can publish you thesis.

PHD-theses agreement (PDF, 98kb)

PhD-theses full text

Scientific articles

The full-text version of a scientific work should be submitted to Cristin when registering the publications in institutional archive.

The full-text version of a scientific work ought to be submitted to Cristin when registering the publication. NHH Brage will receive a copy of the uploaded work for archiving and possible publishing.

The NHH library is responsible for contacting the publisher regarding parallel publishing in NHH Brage. Most publishers do not allow publishing the final version of the article, but more and more publishers allow the use of the peer-reviewed manuscript or the preprint-edition. You can survey the policies for many of the bigger journals directly in the Sherpa/Romeo-database.

NHH Brage will never limit your intellectual rights to your scientific work, and we need a personal agreement with you in order to publish the work, in addition to the approval from the copyright-holding publisher. To publish your work in NHH Brage, follow this procedure:

  1. Upload the article in Cristin, or send it on email to brage@nhh.no
  2. Download, sign and return the publishing agreement.
  3. The library will check with the publisher, and possibly contact you with regards to the allowed version of the article.

Agreement for publishing of scientific articles (PDF, 180kb)