Get started with your master's thesis

Get started with your master's thesis

It can be hard deciding on how to start writing your master's thesis. Here are some tips that may help you get started.

Draft schedule

1. Find your theme. There are several ways to research, e.g.:

  • Choice of interest area
  • Interesting courses you have attended or material you have read
  • Read newspapers (The Economist, Financial Times etc.)
  • Contact a business or organisation
  • Look for topic suggestions from research groups or existing projects on Itslearning (Meeting point - master's thesis)

2. Find a research question in collaboration with your supervisor. A good research question should answer the following:

  • What is your main focus?
  • What is the purpose of the thesis?
  • What is the academic perspective and the theoretical foundation?
  • What scientific method should be used to best answer the research question?
  • Is the Thesis within the scope of 30 ECTS? Or is your Thesis too narrow, too demanding or extensive?
  • Will your Thesis provide something new, e.g new theories, new basis for decision making?

3. Find litterature

4. Make decisions for empirical methods

5. Decide methods for analysis

6. Collect data

7. Interprete data

8. Write the Thesis