School examination on paper

School examination on paper

We still use pen and paper for some exams. You should be present in the examination hall at least half an hour before the exam starts.

How to fill in the examination papers

You may only use paper handed out by the examination invigilators.

You should enter the following information on the examination papers:

  • course code and date (on first and last page)
  • candidate number and page numbers (on all pages)
  • total number of pages (on first page)

The exam should be written on the provided carbon papers, and you need to use a blue or black ballpoint pen.

finalising and submitting

You may work on your paper until the deadline. After this, you have an additional 15 minutes to prepare the answer papers for submission.

The sheets should be sorted in three piles. Two of these should be handed in, and the last copy is yours.

When you are ready to hand in, you should contact one of the invigilators, who will come to your desk and check your paper.