Examination Support materials

Examination Support materials

The lecturer must provide information regarding permitted examination support materials on itslearning well in advance of the examination. These will also be listed on the front page of the examination question paper.

Our pages are under construction. Information may be temporarily outdated due to new regulations. Please read the regulations for correct information. Please contact us if you have questions

Examination support materials are personal and cannot be shared with other students once the examination has started.

In the examination location, you may only bring permitted materials to the desk. Examination support materials will be subject to controls. If illegal examination support materials are discovered before the examination start, these will be confiscated and will not be returned until the examination is finished. You will not be compensated for the confiscated materials. Further, access to illegal support materials or sharing of support materials may be subject to suspicion of cheating Read more about permitted and illegal aids in our examination regulations and supplementary regulations.

If you are not certain whether an examination support material is permitted, you must contact the course responsible well in advance of the examination.

You cannot expect NHH to provide examination support materials that you can borrow, or extra batteries/pens. Come prepared!

Permitted examination support materials must be bound. Copies are not permitted unless specifically stated in the individual course. The examination support materials may not have any loose sheets.

Collection of laws, reprints, ect:

You may refer to other permitted materials. You are permitted to underline words and all or parts of sentences, and you can use coloured markers in multiple colours. Marking individual letters of the text to form words is not permitted. You are permitted to make horizontal and vertical lines in the margins.

References must be made in the following manner:

References to laws and regulations shall only contain the title and/or date (possibly no.), chapter, section and/or subsection, sentence, number or litra. Referencing several sources or sections in the same reference is permitted.

Common abbreviations for laws are permitted. A reference may for instance be: "strl.ikrl. §25, opph.v.l. 25/2-72 nr. 3."

You can number the individual subsections in a section and sentences in subsections in consecutive order.
You are permitted to correct errors in incorporated references using correction fluid, but you cannot remove printed text.

Indexing (tabs, etc.) is permitted. These may only indicate the name or abbreviation for the act, the year, number and chapter headings precisely as they appear on the page being indexed. Other text is not permitted.

Preparations other than those mentioned above are not permitted during the exam and will be considered an attempt to cheat.


You can bring one bilingual dictionary to all exams unless otherwise specified for the specific exam. Economic and legal dictionaries are not permitted. There are separate rules for optional language and legal courses: see more information in the individual course descriptions. No indexing is permitted in dictionaries. Electronic dictionaries are not permitted.


You can bring a maximum of two calculators if it is a permitted examination support material for the exam.

The memory of the calculator must be emptied before the exam and it shall at no point during the exam contain pure text. You must be able to show that the calculator memory is empty. If you cannot, the calculator cannot be used during the exam. Memory cards and user handbooks/manuals are not permitted and must be removed from the calculator before the start of the exam.

For bachelor's students

Casio fx-CG 10/20

Casio fx 9750/9860

Casio cfx 9850/9950

Texas Instruments 83

Texas Instruments 84

All versions of these calculators are permitted /G, GB, GC, Plus, Silver edition, etc.)

For master's students

All calculators are permitted.