Are you interested in having your high ranking university compete in our exciting and challenging case competition at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen?


NHHICC seeks to be an arena for undergraduate students to connect with and learn from future leaders while solving a 24-hour case for a prestigious Norwegian company. Make your university set the bar for competition standards, and help shape our university’s history. Experience a week filled with case solving, digital networking and social events in Bergen.  

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NHH Students

NHHS Case Organising Committee

NHHS Case Competition is working towards strengthening case-solving culture at NHH by providing exciting yet relevant events and cases. NHHS Case Competition seeks to create an unforgettable experience for all NHH students while strengthening NHH's international exposure.

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NHH Team Competitor

Are you an NHH student wanting to represent our school in NHHICC and other competitions around the world? NHH is participating with a home team selected from the members of our sister group, NHHS Case Club.

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2023 Event 2-6 Oct Join us!