Artificial Intelligence and studies

Artificial Intelligence and studies

Recommendations, guidelines, and resources for NHH students.

Generative AI is a powerful tool, that may be a very useful tool in a learning process. However, generative AI should be used in a responsible, legal, and ethically sound manner.

Generative AI can give you erroneous or fake information. It may provide you with text that you are not allowed to use, and that can lead to plagiarism problems. It may also provide unbalanced, unscientific or incomplete analysis.

Engage critically with the AI tools and remember that you are responsible for everything that you hand in to the NHH, but also everything that you feed into the AI tools.

To avoid problems: Ensure that you know and follow the specific regulations of generative AI use for the assignment or task in question.

For specific courses, you will find these in the Canvas form “Generative AI regulations – [course code]”.

For master’s theses, there is a specific set of rules

If you are in doubt, ask the course responsible or your supervisor.


The Office of IT Services’ AI resource page (Sharepoint)

Section for Educational Quality’s page about AI and teaching (Canvas)

Sikt, the Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research, has developed a secure GPT-4-based chatbot that NHH’s IT Office recommend for students and employees

Sikt KI-chat (log on with Feide required)