Admission MBA with specialisation in Seafood management

Admission MBA with specialisation in Seafood management

Please attach the following documentation when applying:

You need to submit valid documentation so that we can assess your ability to meet our application admission.

We only assess applications when documentation is complete.


  • Up-to-date CV 
  • Documentation of higher education

NHH has an automatic access to results from other higher education institutions in Norway. The exception to this rule is private schools (Such as BI) and all foreign educational system. If you have such, you must upload a copy of your degree (we do not acknowledge merely grades).

  • Verification of required work experience, and statement of your current working position. The verification and the statement must contain duration, title and a valid signature from your company (signature from CEO or HR-Department). A CV or a contract of work is not valid as documentation.

Note: Our digital system has a problem with emails from Hotmail and Yahoo. We strongly recommend that you use an alternative email-address for this purpose.

English language requirement

Unless you belong to one of the groups exempted (see below), you must document a good command of the English language by passing one of the three tests below. We also accept TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition and IELTS Online.

  • TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language. Minimum total score: 90 points on the internet based test, 575 points on the written test or 233 on the computer-based test.
  • IELTS Academic – International English Language Testing System
    Minimum overall band score: 6,5
  • PTE Academic - The Pearson's Test of English. Minimum score: 62

Test scores must be a maximum of two years old at the time of the application deadline and only test scores issued to NHH directly from the issuing authority are accepted.

  • Exemptions from the English language requirement

    Exemptions from the English language requirement

    If you satisfy one of the following criteria, you are exempted from the TOEFL/IELTS/PTE requirement (please note that other exemptions will not be given):

    • You have completed upper secondary school in Norway and hold a Higher Education Entrance Qualification (GSK – generell studiekompetanse)
    • You have at least two years of full-time higher education where the sole language of instruction was English.
    • You are exempted from the English language requirement according to the GSU-list (Higher Education Entrance Qualification for foreign applicants).

    If you do not satisfy any of the criteria above, you are obliged to pass either the TOEFL, the IELTS, or the PTE Academic in order to be a qualified applicant.

  • English Language Proficiency

    English Language Proficiency

    Within the application deadline, you must have completed the following two steps:
    1. Give NHH access to verify your test score electronically. For TOEFL, you need to use the programme code 0686. There are no programme codes for IELTS and PTE.   
    2. Upload a copy of your score report to the application portal for reference. If you have taken an online test and not received a score report, upload a print screen of your test result.
    Test scores must be no more than two years old at the time of the application deadline.
    Documentation of exemption:
    • If you are exempted due to GSK or GSU-list: You don’t have to upload documentation
    • If you are exempted due to higher education in English: If you have studied in an English-speaking country, you don’t have to provide documentation. If you have studied in a non-English-speaking country, you must upload an official letter from your university confirming the language of instruction.

Documentation checks of certificates and employment references

You are responsible for uploading correct documentation when applying for admission.

Documentation forgery falls under Section 361 and 362 of the General Civil Penal Code and will be reported to the police.