Tor Askild Aase Johannessen

Associate Professor Emeritus Tor Askild Aase Johannessen

+47 55 95 93 04
Strategy and Management
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Organisation and Management Strategy Total Quality Management Financing of entrepreneurial start-ups Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Filion, Louis Jacques; Dana, Leo-Paul; Julien, Pierre-Andre; Veciana, Jose M; Johannessen, Tor Aase; Raith, Matthias The future of entrepreneurship research: results of a research workshop with invited speakers and discussants at the International Council for Small Business World Conference in Halifax International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (IJESB) Volume 11 (2); page 105 - 120; 2010
Johannessen, Tor Aase Klynger og NYCOMED-effekten "Leve av, leve med, leve for? vår bioteknologiske fremtid"; 2005
Christensen, Gunnar E.; Haaken, Stefan; Johannessen, Tor Aase; Pedersen, Ansgar; Petersen, Kurt Interactive Case Studies - Enablers For Innovative Learning Educational Innovation in Economics and Business VI: Teaching Today the Knowledge of Tomorrow; page 127 - 145; 2002
Johannessen, Tor Askild Aase; Harkin, Joe; Mikalsen, Øyvind Constructs Used by 17-19 Year Old Students in Northern Europe When Informally Evaluating their Teachers European Educational Research Journal Volume 1 (3); page 538 - 548; 2002
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