Ole-Petter Moe Hansen

Adjunct Associate Professor Ole-Petter Moe Hansen

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Business and Management Science

Selected publications

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Doppelhofer, Gernot Peter; Hansen, Ole-Petter Moe Finanspolitiske trender og sykler i Norge og andre OECD-land Samfunnsøkonomen (8); page 12 - 20; 2013
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I am working on a different topics in economics, using primarily empirical analyses. The first paper of my dissertation analyze the interaction between fiscal and monetary authorities where the fiscal authority might have myopic preferences. I show that a monetary regime targeting inflation gives less fiscal overspending compared to an exchange rate target. My second paper , together with Stefan Legge, use a large European survey data set to show how the distribution of voter preferences over immigration and redistribution policies have changed in recent years. We show how macro variables correlate with the changes in the total distribution, and propose and estimate a structural model that can explain the observed changes. In my third paper, together with Ingvild Almås and Gernot Doppelhofer, we analyze how groups reach a consensus and aggregate information from group members. We use experimental data together with a structural model to identify which individuals have a large “sway” over group decisions. 

Main supervisor: Gernot Doppelhofer