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Adjunct Associate Professor Michael Kisser

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Michael Kisser is Associate Professor of Accounting at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway. His main research interest focuses on accounting and corporate finance, with a particular recent interest in the relation between financial reporting and corporate financing decisions. He has published in leading journals such as the Journal of Accounting Research or the Review of Finance and also serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Eckbo, B. Espen; Kisser, Michael The Leverage-Profitability Puzzle Resurrected Review of Finance Volume 25 (4); page 1089 - 1128; 2021
Eckbo, B. Espen; Kisser, Michael Tradeoff Theory and Leverage Dynamics of High-Frequency Debt Issuers Review of Finance (56 pages); 2020
Kisser, Michael; Kiff, John; Soto, Mauricio Do managers of U.S. defined benefit pension plan sponsors use regulatory freedom strategically? Journal of Accounting Research Volume 55 (5); page 1213 - 1255; 2017
Kisser, Michael; Kiff, John A shot at regulating securitization Journal of Financial Stability Volume 10 (1); page 32 - 49; 2014
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