Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppe

Adjunct Professor Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppe

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Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé is Adjunct Professor alongside his position as Professor of Financial Economics at the School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester. After being awarded a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Bremen, Germany in 1996, Schenk-Hoppé held positions at Universities of Leeds (Professor and Centenary Chair in Financial Mathematics, 2005-1014), Copenhagen (Associate professor, 2002-2004), Zurich (Assistant professor, 1999-2002) and Bielefeld (Assistant professor/postdoc, 1996-1999).

Schenk-Hoppé has published more than 60 articles in international peer-reviewed journals. He is the author of the textbook "Mathematical Financial Economics" (Springer, 2015, joint with Igor V. Evstigneev and T. Hens) and editor of the book "Financial Markets: Dynamics and Evolution" (North-Holland, 2009, a volume in the Handbooks in Finance series, joint with T. Hens). He also co-edited special issues for the Annals of Finance (2013), Mathematics and Financial Economics (2011) and the Journal of Mathematical Economics (2006).

Schenk-Hoppé's current research interests include financial economics, computational
economics and finance, dynamic economic theory and random dynamical systems theory.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Khezerloo, Esmaeil Babaei; Evstigneev, Igor V.; Schenk-Hoppe, Klaus Reiner A multidimensional Fatou lemma for conditional expectations Positivity (Dordrecht) (0 pages); 2021
Lensberg, Terje; Schenk-Hoppe, Klaus Reiner Cold play: Learning across bimatrix games Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Volume 185; page 419 - 441; 2021
Hens, Thorsten; Schenk-Hoppe, Klaus Reiner; Woesthoff, Mathis-Hendrik Escaping the Backtesting Illusion Journal of Portfolio Management Volume 46 (4); page 81 - 93; 2020
Evstigneev, Igor; Hens, Thorsten; Potapova, Valeriya; Schenk-Hoppe, Klaus Reiner Behavioral equilibrium and evolutionary dynamics in asset markets Journal of Mathematical Economics Volume 91; page 121 - 135; 2020
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