Johannes A. Nymark

Associate professor emeritus Johannes A. Nymark

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Professional and Intercultural Communication
Language and Communication Spanish language Sociolinguistics Language policy History and society of Spain and Latin America


Johannes Nymark has been in his current position as Associate Professor of Spanish since 1993. He holds a magister degree from 1977. His profound knowledge of Spain and Latin America has made him a central commentator in various media concerning recent events and developments. This specialisation is also reflected in his latest book, Draumen om Catalonia.

Areas of expertise (Norwegian):
Spansk språk, Sosiolingvistikk, Språk politikk, Spansk og Latin-amerikansk kultur og samfunn

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Nymark, Johannes A. Barça: i kamp sidan 1899 Det Norske Samlaget; 2021
Nymark, Johannes A. Draumen om Catalonia. Katalansk identitet i historisk lys Det Norske Samlaget; 2015
Nymark, Johannes Andreas La lucha por las lenguas. Las lenguas regionales y minoritarias en un mundo globalizado 2013
Nymark, Johannes Andreas Språk, meir enn kommunikasjon. Norsk språksituasjon i eit internasjonalt perspektiv Materialisten. Tidsskrift for forskning, fagkritikk og teoretisk debatt (1/2); page 41 - 55; 2013
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Spanish language, Spanish culture and society, Latin American culture and society