Jens Bengtsson

Adjunct Associate Professor Jens Bengtsson

+47 55 95 91 59
Business and Management Science
Management Science Energy Transport and logistics Capital Budgeting/Real Options Operations and Production Management Refinery Planning and Control

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Bengtsson, Jens, Flisberg, Patrik, Rønnqvist, Mikael, Bredstrøm, David Robust planning of blending activities at refineries Journal of the Operational Research Society Volume 64 (6), page 848 - 863, 2013
Bengtsson, Jens, Flisberg, Patrik, Rönnqvist, Mikael Robust Optimization and Uncertain Prices in an Oil Refinery Supply Chain SNF-rapport Volume 12 (14), 2012
Bengtsson, Jens, Nonås, Sigrid Lise Refinery planning and scheduling : an overview Energy, natural resources and environmental economics, page 115 - 130, 2010
Bengtsson, Jens, Nonås, Sigrid Lise Refinery Planning and Scheduling: An Overview Energy Systems, page 115 - 130, 2010
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