Einar Hope

Professor Emeritus Einar Hope

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Energy Environmental Economics


Einar Hope received his PhD in Economics from NHH in 1967. He was Managing Director of the NHH-based applied research institutions, Centre for Applied Research (SAF) and Foundation for Research in Industrial Economics (SNF), 1978-95. He was Director General of the Norwegian Competition Authority, 1995-99, and was appointed Statoil Professor in Energy Economics in 1999; a position he held until retirement at 67 in 2004.

He developed and managed the MBA Summer School course at NHH for foreign students in Natural resource management and policy: The Norwegian model, 2007- 2010. Hope’s main research interests are Energy and environmental economics and policy, and Competition analysis and policy.

He has served on a number of boards of public and private bodies and chaired several government committees on economic and industrial policy. He has been involved quite a lot in organizing conferences in energy economics and related fields, nationally and internationally, and was President of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), 2010.

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E-book: Studier i konkurranse- og energipolitikk (PDF 2,7MB)

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Hope, Einar; Skjeret, Frode Andre Optimal investment in market-based power systems. Market and regulatory issues Studier i konkurranse- og energipolitikk. Utvalgte skrifter i samling, 2004 - 2016; page 187 - 217; 2017
Hope, Einar Vindkraft og vannkraft : Norge som kraftbatteri for Europa? Magma forskning og viten Volume 14 (2); page 57 - 65; 2011
Hope, Einar; Singh, Balbir Harmonizing an effective regulation in Europe Electricity reform in Europe : towards a single energy market; page 89 - 104; 2009
Hope, Einar Competition policy and sector-specific economic media regulation: and never the twain shall meet? Paul Seabright and Jürgen vom Hagen (eds.) The Economic Regulation of Broadcasting Markets. Evolving technology and challenges for policy; page 310 - 344; 2007
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