Bjørn Lorens Basberg

Bjørn Lorens Basberg

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Economic History


Bjørn L. Basberg is Professor in Economic History. His main research interests are within the history of technology (patents) and economic history relating 20th century maritime industries (whaling and shipping).

His doctoral thesis (1984) from NHH was about patents and technological development in Norway, 1840-1980.  He has been a visiting scholar at M.I.T., the National Bureau of Economic Research, Brown University and University of Cambridge (Scott Polar Research Institute). He is an advisory curator at the Kendall Institute, New Bedford Whaling Museum and a trustee of the South Georgia Heritage Trust.

Basberg has written and edited several books among others on the Norwegian merchant shipping during World War II, and The Shore Whaling Stations at South Georgia. A Study in Antarctic Industrial Archaeology.
He has published papers internationally on the history of patents, whaling history, maritime history and industrial history. The papers have been published in the journals like Scandinavian Economic History Review, Research Policy, International Journal of Maritime History and Polar Record.

Basberg has received the L. Byrne Waterman Award and the Peter Neaverson Award for his research on industrial archaeology at South Georgia.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Basberg, Bjørn Lorens Seeking international coordination: The Norwegian patent law of 1885 Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftsgeschichte Volume 60 (1); page 157 - 179; 2019
Basberg, Bjørn Lorens Chr. Christensen and C.A. Larsen: A comparative analysis of two whaling entrepreneurs International Journal of Maritime History Volume 31 (1); page 81 - 97; 2019
Basberg, Bjørn Lorens Regulating the Natural Resources in the Antarctic Region: A Historical Review The Political Economy of Resource Regulation: An International and Comparative History, 1850-2015; page 259 - 276; 2019
Basberg, Bjørn Lorens; Burton, Robert; Headland, Robert K. Fur Seal Imports to Britain, 1800 - 1840: New Estimates in Context Historical Antarctic Sealing Industry : Proceedings of an international conference in Cambridge 16-21 September 2016; page 79 - 87; 2018
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