Tax havens and double taxation as fig leaves

Photo: NHH / Pexels w. Public Domain Pictures

19 May 2020 10:31

Tax havens and double taxation as fig leaves

Guttorm Schjelderup: An argument commonly used by the people behind letterbox companies registered in tax havens is that they operate from tax havens to avoid double taxation. Is that correct? And what is meant by double taxation?

Tax havens open up opportunities for aggressive tax planning and tax evasion. Consequently they contribute to undermine financing of the welfare state in the countries in which the owners of the companies are residents, Guttorm Schjelderup writes.

His feature article Skatteparadisene åpner opp muligheter for aggressiv skatteplanlegging og skatteunndragelse (in Norwegian) was published in Verdens Gang on 12 May, 2020.