Top publication by Stein W. Wallace

7 March 2018 10:46

Top publication by Stein W. Wallace

The article "Big Data Analytics in Operations Management" has been published in Production and Operations Management.

Production and Operations Management is included on the Financial Times Research Rank List, and it is also on level 4 in the ABS Academic Journal Guide.

Choi, Tsan-Ming, Stein W. Wallace, and Yulan Wang: Big Data Analytics in Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Online 18.02.2018.


Big data analytics is critical in modern operations management (OM). In this study, we first explore the existing big data-related analytics techniques, and identify their strengths, weaknesses as well as major functionalities. We then discuss various big data analytics strategies to overcome the respective computational and data challenges. After that, we examine the literature and reveal how different types of big data methods (techniques, strategies, and architectures) can be applied to different OM topical areas, namely forecasting, inventory management, revenue management and marketing, transportation management, supply chain management, and risk analysis. We also investigate via case studies the real-world applications of big data analytics in top branded enterprises. Finally, we conclude the study with a discussion of future research.