Tax Law

RET14 Tax Law

Spring 2024

  • Topics

    The course concerns income and wealth tax law, hereunder the basic rules and principles according to which income tax liabilities arises, timing of income, corresponding issues concerning deductibility and wealth tax liability.

    The following topics will be covered:

    • The concept of tax, taxable persons, tax objects, the purpose of taxation and the calculation basis for income tax
    • Treatment of the different income types: income derived from labour, capital and business activity
    • Stipulation of gross income and deductions within and outside an enterprise
    • Wealth tax
    • Brief presentation of the taxation of Norwegian taxable persons’ income and assets abroad and foreign taxable persons’ income and assets in Norway under Norwegian domestic law
    • Taxation of companies and partners in partnerships, with particular emphasis on limited liability companies and shareholders
    • Calculation of personal income in sole proprietorships

  • Learning outcome


    • Fundamental understanding of basic concepts and principles relating to income and wealth taxation, and the legal methodology applied to the stipulation of taxable income and wealth for labour, capital, company and wealth taxation purposes.


    • Capable of calculating taxable income and wealth for physical and legal persons, more precisely capable of
      • calculating taxable income for physical persons as regards capital income, income from employment, and gains,
      • calculating taxable wealth for physical persons,
      • determining whether wealth or income is taxable in Norway under Norwegian tax law (knowledge of tax treaties is not required),
      • calculating taxable income (general and personal income) from activities in a sole proprietorship,
      • calculating taxable income for limited liability companies, including taxable income from the company and assets in the company for shareholders.

    General competence

    Capable of identifying and taking a stance on tax law issues, keeping up to date about tax law topics and communicating knowledge in the field to others.

  • Teaching

    • Plenary lectures
    • Practical assignments
    • Assignments for submission

  • Credit reduction due to overlap

    RET14 is equivalent to RET014 and cannot be combined with RET014.

  • Compulsory Activity

    Students must submit two assignments that are assessed as approved/not approved.

    Note: Compulsory course activities may take place before the formal registration deadline.

  • Assessment

    4 hours individual written digital school exam. 

    An assessment in RET14 will not be organised in the the non-teaching semester. As of autumn 2023, only mandatory bachelor courses with an individual assessment will have an assessment in the non-teaching semester. This only applies to students with a valid course approval. The retake options that apply at all times are decided by the dean for the bachelor program and will be published in the course description.

  • Grading Scale


  • Computer tools

    Use of Canvas and the internet.

  • Literature

    Frederik Zimmer: Lærebok i skatterett, Universitetsforlaget, siste utgave, kap. 3 - 14 og 16-17.

    Arvid Aage Skaar og Roy K. Kristensen: Lærebok i bedriftsskatterett, Gyldendal Juridisk, siste utgave, kap. 18.

    Ole Gjems-Onstad: Skattelover og sentrale forskrifter, studenthefte, siste utgave.

    Recommended reading:

    Frederik Zimmer (red.): Bedrift, selskap og skatt, Universitetsforlaget, smost recent edition (the parts of the publication that cover the course topics).

  • Permitted Support Material

    One bilingual dictionary (Category I) 


    The followings texts in category 2:

    • Norwegian Laws
    • Norwegian Laws Collections of laws with or without regulations (but without comments)
    • Special editions of laws with or without regulations (but without comments)
    • Special editions of regulations (but without comments)
    • Ole-Gjems-Onstad: Tax law collection
    • Ole Gjems-Onstad: Tax laws and central regulations. Student booklet.
    • Eivind Furuseth/Ole Gjems-Onstad: Norwegian laws, tax law collection for students.

    All in accordance with Supplementary provisions to the Regulations for Full-time Study Programmes at the Norwegian School of Economics Ch.4 Permitted support material and  


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Spring. Will be offered spring 2024.

Course responsible

Associate Professor Tormod Torvanger, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law.