Spanish Language (B1)

SPA10 Spanish Language (B1)

Spring 2024

Autumn 2024
  • Topics

    SPA10 Spanish Language is the first of two courses in Spanish as an elective subject. Recommended prior knowledge of Spanish is level II (A2). SPA10 lays the foundations for effective communication in Spanish in professional contexts. We emphasize practice, both oral and written, within the area of professional communication.

    Level (CEFR): B1

  • Learning outcome

    The aim of Spanish Language (SPA10) is to develop the students' skills in communicating in Spanish within a professional context, both orally and written

    On completion of the course, the student has acquired the following:


    • Has sufficient vocabulary to express themselves with some circumlocutions on most topics pertinent to topics of work life and business.
    • Is aware of the salient politeness conventions and acts appropriately.
    • Sufficient knowledge of the Spanish language system to produce short written documents common to the business world.


    • Can give short presentations on topics related to work life or business.
    • Can enter unprepared into conversation on topics within the field of work or business, and express personal opinions and exchange information on these topics.
    • Can use economic and administrative terminology and expressions that are relevant to a professional setting.
    • Can compose basic formal e-mails/letters (e.g. to make a complaint, apply for a job or request action).

    General competence

    • Can communicate, with some circumlocutions, with Spanish speakers in both social and professional settings.

  • Teaching

    The course is organised as interactive group teaching with regular lectures, group work, written assignments and student presentations. Students are expected to actively participate in the class.

  • Recommended prerequisites

    Students are expected to have acquired Spanish language skills equivalent to level 2.

  • Compulsory Activity

    Three written assignments.

    Online exercises in Spanish.

  • Assessment

    Digital school exam, 4 hours (50%).

    Individual oral exam, 20 minutes (50%).

    A separate grade will be given to the written and oral assessment. Both elements must be completed in the same semester. 

    An assessment in SPA10 will not be organised in the the non-teaching semester. As of autumn 2023, only mandatory bachelor courses with an individual assessment will have an assessment in the non-teaching semester. This only applies to students with a valid course approval. The retake options that apply at all times are decided by the dean for the bachelor program and will be published in the course description.

  • Grading Scale


  • Literature

    • "Socios 2. Curso de español orientado al mundo del trabajo. Libro del alumno " Lola Martínez y María Lluisa Sabater.    
    • "Socios 2. Curso de español orientado al mundo del trabajo.  Cuaderno de ejercicios " Jaime Corpas, Lola Martínez y María Lluisa Sabater.

  • Permitted Support Material

    One bilingual dictionary (Category I) 

    All in accordance with Supplementary provisions to the Regulations for Full-time Study Programmes at the Norwegian School of Economics Ch.4 Permitted support material and  


ECTS Credits
Teaching language
Norwegian and Spanish.

Spring. Will be offered spring 2024.

Course responsible

Associate Professor Margrete Dyvik Cardona, Department of professional and intercultural communication.