Norwegian Economic History after 1800

SAM13 Norwegian Economic History after 1800

Autumn 2021

  • Learning outcome

    The course provides students with understanding and analytical abilities in order to explain analytically how and why Norway has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world during the last 200 years.


    Providing knowledge of:

    1. Theories on long term economic growth
    2. Theories on business cycles
    3. Short term and long term trends in economic development
    4. Empirics on the standard of living development
    5. Foreign trade development and relations
    6. Industrial development and relations
    7. Labour market development and relations
    8. Development and relations in economic policy 
    9. Structural development and relations in the economy
    10. Institutional framework in economic development 



    Abilities to:

    1. Discuss reasond for economic growth and development
    2. Discuss reasons for business cycles
    3. Discuss reasons for changes in the Norwegian economy from 1800 until present times
    4. Develope analytical skills in order to analyze the Norwegian economic development during the last 200 years. 
    5. Conduct independent analysis of economic-historical changes and their reasons and consequences



    Giving competence in order to:

    1. Communicate economic history to and with specialists and non-specialists 
    2. Be able to apply their knowledge on newer or different problems in relation to the Norwegian economy. 
    3. Contribute to independent reasoning and analysis within topics related  to economic development and growth

  • Teaching

    Lectures, compulsory term paper and term paper seminar.

    Lectures will be video taped and streamed.

  • Recommended prerequisites

    Micro and macro economics

  • Requirements for course approval

    Term paper.

  • Assessment

    Written home exam, 5 hours

  • Grading Scale


  • Computer tools

    Private PC

  • Literature

    Hodne og Grytten, Norsk økonomi i det 19 århundre, Fagbokforlaget, Bergen 2000

    Hodne og Grytten, Norsk økonomi i det 20 århundre, Fagbokforlaget, Bergen 2002.

    Elective literature: TBA 


ECTS Credits
Teaching language

Spring. Offered spring 2021.

Course responsible

Professor Ola Honningdal Grytten, Department of Economics