Mathematics for Economists

MET1 Mathematics for Economists

Spring 2020

  • Topics

    • Functions of one variable: Differentiation, convexity, elasticities, implicit differentiation, integration.
    • Geometric series, present value computations.
    • Functions of several variables: Partial derivatives, differentiation, optimizing with and without constraints.
    • Linear algebra: Linear systems of equations, inverse matrices, determinants.

  • Learning outcome


    • The student masters fundamental concepts and methods in mathematics with a view towards applications in economic and administrative subjects
    • The student is familiar with some standard models for economic situations, in particular in connection with optimization problems


    • The student is able to define simple mathematical models and to treat them analytically and numerically

    General competencies

    • The student is capable of reading and acquiring economic theory with a certain mathematical level and content


ECTS Credits
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